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Hi there!👋
I'm Andi.

I grow brands and customer engagement with data-driven designs.

When I'm not strategizing for top brands, you can find me championing the growth of the UX community with initiatives like Cascade SF and Design Career Network.

Learn about me, Andi

I've been immersed in the design world since 2008, diving deep into everything from user acquisition and growth design to technical writing and brand strategy.

‍Whether it's implementing AI-driven personalization, optimizing user experiences through insightful design, or creating compelling brand narratives that resonate with audiences, my skills are well-suited for innovative and impactful growth strategies.

My skills

Growth with AI

Boost engagement and grow sales with strategic prompt engineering, research, chatbot optimization, design, and more.

Marketing Design

Enhance your visual presence and boost engagement with expert branding, UX/UI design, landing pages, and email newsletters.

Acquisition Strategy

Drive substantial growth with personalization, experimentation, testing, paid advertising, and web optimization.

Event Production

Elevate your brand with live and virtual events, expanding reach and fostering meaningful connections.

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My expertise in design, analysis, copywriting, and strategy will:

  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Acquire new users
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve product visibility
  • Foster continuous innovation
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I'm currently available for freelance and full-time work.

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Hear what others say

Andi consistently stepped outside of her comfort zone to teach and master Adobe Analytics Workspaces. She brought new data-centric hypotheses to test to the table and worked with me to build out the data governance surrounding our performance and reporting aggregations. Highly recommend Andi to any lucky future employer!

Axel Playner

Director of Analytics and Strategy
Worked with Andi at Informatica
Companies include Hershey and Informatica

Andi contributed substantially to our pipeline growth through the Drift Chatbot. Her deep understanding of user experience (UX) and customer engagement played a crucial part in Informatica's recognition as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Cloud Data Enterprise. I would work with Andi again in a heartbeat!

Casey Scheld, MA, PMP

Social Media Director
Worked with Andi at Informatica
Companies include Sitecore and Informatica

Andi not only has strong UI/UX and front-end skills. She also demonstrates high-level strategic thinking and bases decisions around data synthesis and knowledge of UX best practices. Andi is time and resource-efficient. She's unafraid to take risks and puts her heart into her work.

Alexa Michael

Product Design Lead
Worked with Andi at Informatica
Companies include Meta, Cisco, StubHub, and Informatica

Andi has a special ability to pull together a story in a uniquely detailed, energetic, and charismatic way. While she was with CloudApp she helped us create some of our highest performing webinars and content pieces!

Scott Smith

CEO at Zight (formerly CloudApp)
Worked with
Companies include Meta, Parse, Dyn, and Zight

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