Andi Galpern

Blending creativity and strategy to skyrocket user acquisition

As a User Acquisition Strategist, I excel at crafting user experiences that drive results and leave lasting impressions. My secret sauce? A unique blend of marketing, design, and data-driven insights that I'm constantly optimizing to deliver maximum impact.

My expertise has helped businesses grow and scale from scrappy startups to global giants. Let's work together to revolutionize your approach to UX design and drive unprecedented growth.


• I founded Cascade SF, an experience design organization with over 10,000 members. I've organized 150+ design events and conferences, partnering with industry giants like Adobe, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. I started UXNight, a monthly event where designers in the Bay Area join together to learn and grow.

**Cascade is now known as Design Career Network

• As a Women Techmakers Ambassador at Google, I mentor underrepresented individuals in tech.

• I'm also a proud member of Indie Web Camp, where we democratize data ownership. Together, let's build vibrant communities and push boundaries!

Interests & Hobbies

I’m a musician

Training in voice since age 6; I've been singing and playing piano since childhood, and have also developed my skills on the guitar.

I love making things

My passion for arts and crafts knows no bounds, encompassing watercolor painting, drawing, hand-lettering, jewelry crafting, clay creatures, costume making, and beyond.

Nature brings me calm

With love and care, I tend to my garden, cultivating vibrant dahlias, tulips, herbs, and veggies. During peaceful nature walks, I cherish capturing the beauty of wildlife and nature.